IIf you're selling or renting your property you'll need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). An EPC is a certificate that shows how energy-efficient your property is. The document includes estimated energy costs, as well as a summary of your home's energy performance-related features.

EPCs also includes recommendations on measures that would make your property more energy-efficient, along with estimated costs for implementing the changes and the potential savings you could make.

EPC Ratings

Your property will be given an energy-efficiency grade between A and G, with A being the best - i.e. most energy-efficient and G being the worst.


From 1st April 2018, all rented property (both domestic and non-domestic) which is to have a new tenancy must have an EPC rating of at least "E". This requirement also applies to all renewal tenancies to the game tenant for the same property on or after 1st April 2018.